Sky Energy Home Solutions

Smart Living With A Next Generation Advanced Solar System

Reduce your electric bill with solar energy. We make it easy and affordable!

Smart Solar Solution for Your Home

At Sky Energy Home Solutions, we have the experience, dedication, and knowledge to bring powerful and beautiful solar energy systems to your home. We use our years of experience from over thousands of solar installations to provide a better solution to all of our residential customers in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and throughout Michigan. We’re known for creating the smartest solar designs that maximize your return on investment while minimizing risks such as underproduction and property damage.

The Benefits Of Going Solar

Continuous, Reliable And Affordable Power Solutions

We care about the way your solar works and how it looks. Sky Energy Home Solutions takes tremendous pride in making sure every solar system we install does justice to the home it’s on. When it comes to your solar installation, our solar technicians treat your home like it was their own. Our sales staff, engineers, and project managers are all held to the highest standards and treat each solar job with the attention it deserves. With years in solar and electrical contracting, we use professional techniques and practices to install solar for your home.


When you decide to switch to solar, we take care of every step - including system design and engineering, financing, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring of your system's performance.

Get a Free Solar Consultation

Schedule a pressure-free solar consultation with one of our Energy Consultants. We'll discuss your goals, and create a customized quote estimating how much a solar energy system can save you in the years to come. Our helpful staff is here to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. Our goal is to help you discover if solar is right for you.

We Design Your Solar System

Your designated Project Manager and Solar Energy Consultant will schedule an appointment to assess your roof or ground, and evaluate all the specifications needed to design an efficient, beautiful solar panel layout for your roof that fits your home to save you the most money. No outsourcing. No one-size-fits all. Only the best for our customers. Our solar technicians will handle everything from permits to inspections.

Sign Your Agreement

Once you've determined that solar is right for your home or business, we’ll give you an agreement that clearly lays out the terms of your installation and all solar warranty coverage for the next 25+ years. We make sure everything is clear for you before you sign, because we want you to love your new solar power system for years to come. This means no hidden fees--only what was guaranteed. We offer the best financing and warranties to help protect your solar investment. If you have any questions, your Solar Energy Consultant will be there to guide you.

Installation and Time to Energize!

Our highly certified solar technicians will install your new solar panels on your roof so that you can begin saving money on your energy usage. Your Project Manager will work with your schedule so the installation goes quickly and smoothly. After a final inspection and approval from your utility company, you’ll be ready to start enjoying the savings that solar power brings to your home. We’ll review how to operate the system and then you can turn it on and start saving with your new Sky Energy Home Solutions solar system!