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Tired of paying huge electric bills every month?

Going solar is guaranteed to reduce or potentially eliminate your entire electric bill.

Looking for more financial stability?

Earn a great return on your investment while protecting yourself from the ever increasing energy costs.

A good choice for everyone.

Increase your property value and help your local economy

Money is not the only thing you will be saving.

By going solar you will be protecting the environment by reducing pollution and helping to promote the Green Energy Initiative

Battery Backup Systems Safely Store Your Excess Solar Power

Eliminate your reliance on outside energy and operate completely off the grid.

Helping You Find A Successful Solar Panel Solution

Feel Like It’s Time For a Change?

Sky Energy Home Solutions is Michigan’s Preferred Solar Panel Installer. We specialize in solar panel installation for residents so you can start racking up savings from government benefit programs, protect yourself against rising utility costs, help the environment, and even increase the value of your home.

Use the sun to benefit you financially by choosing a renewable energy source. We can install solar panels for your house so you can start racking up savings and protect against rising utility costs while helping the environment.